By working more closely with a wide range of suppliers / partners English, Norwegian, Swedish, French, American and Italian, we at JONASSOHN are able to offer prompt delivery of the full range of products and equipment required in the Safety/Security Industry including:

  • Distress and Smoke Signals of Pains Wessex/U.K. (Group WesCom Signal & Rescue)
  • Food and water rations of Compact A.S./Norway
  • Hydrostatic Release Hooks and Remote Control Units of Hammar/Sweden
  • Immersion Suits and Inflatable Lifejackets of International Safety/U.K.
  • Inflatable Liferafts, Evacuation Systems and various types of Zodiac International / France and other makes of international importance
  • Lighting systems for the detection of survivors of Daniamant U.K. and Denmark
  • Self-inflating lifejackets, Rescue Boats and Tenders of Zodiac and Bombard
  • Breathing Apparatuses and the EEBD of Spasciani, Draeger and Fenzy
  • Fire suits and protective clothing of Giordani and PG Products/U.K.
  • Powder,  foam and CO2 extinguishers

And many other materials compliant to Regulations and approved by International Bodies when required, and equipment necessary for the completion of supplies to merchant ships, maxi yachts and pleasure craft.

Also available and always ready ex stock are equivalent materials of italian production all complying to SOLAS Regulations and also approved by International Registries.

Our on-line catalog will soon be available.