• Service Station approved by the Maritime Authority and by Marine Registers RINA, BV, DNV, ABS, LR, GL

  • Suppliers of equipment for signalling, rescue, relief and survival at sea, SOLAS compliant and IMO approved where required, with a large warehouse for prompt delivery
  • Complete supplies of safety equipment to Commercial Class MCA Yachts & RINA CHARTER
  • Service Station for overhaul and repair of:
    1. Inflatable liferafts (Zodiac, Autoflug, BFA, AVON, Stomil, Fujikura, Mitsubishi, ARIMAR, CSM, YOULONG UZEMIK, SAMGONG, SHANGHAI STAR RUBBER, SEASAFE)
    2. Rescue Boat and inflatable boats Zodiac, BOMBARD, AVON, ARIMAR
    3. Inflatable lifejackets (for the marine industry and accident prevention)
    4. Immersion Suits
    5. SAR systems for air rescue
    6. Inflatable lifejackets belts and liferafts for aircraft and helicopters
    7. Hydrostatic Release Units and remote controls
  • Service Station for repair and testing of:
    1. Fire extinguishers
    2. Firefighting equipment
    3. Breathing Apparatus
    4. Gas and Compressed Air Cylinders
  • Laboratory for programming, reprogramming and replacement of lithium batteries:
    2. Radars Transponder: McMURDO, NOVAMARINE, LOKATA
    3. SBM in an anechoic chamber where required
  • Warehouse approved for storage of explosive materials for Marine Distress Signals
  • Authorised Service for the Disposal of expired distress signals and other pyrotechnic materials
  • Coordinators for the service and repairs of liferafts, fire extinguishers, CO2 and Halon fixed installations, analysis of liquid foaming apparatus, performed throughout the world through established sub-contractors
  • Coordinators for supplies of Equipment for Lifeboats, Liferafts and Safety Equipment for the Yachting world, Fishing, Merchant and Passengers Ships, and for Aircraft Search and Rescue
  • Coordinators for suppliy plants for Light Systems for Spar Buoys, Fixed and Mobile Port Equipment, Fishing Equipment, etc.